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Logo Design

Augernisation wanted their logo to represent their presence as a Cornish construction company and were keen to keep to the gold and black colours associated with the county. I built their business name into some walls and topped it with a roof.


Sarah was very keen to keep her logo structured and clear and didn't want any distractions from her name (she has ducks and I wanted to put one in there somewhere). I chose to pile her business name like a stack of papers, kept the text bold and the colours to match her website, but added the leaf as a nod to Sarah's love of nature and animals. 


When Cornish Stays got in contact they had two properties for Holiday Lets. I'm pleased to say they've grown as a business and now have plenty more. I based the designs on the two properties, one in Portreath, and one in Charlestown. I took some iconic landmarks from both fishing villages and spent a good deal of time working on two hand-drawn miniatures. Charlotte & Joey chose beachy colours and went with the plain text for the main logo. I used XXX font for the top to represent the steadfastness of Cornwall and a strong type for Stays to hold the name down.


Here I helped Aaron with aspects of his design and branding for Ocean Rise Web Design. It's difficult to find a name that encompasses your place, ethos and situation, but I think the end result reflects where Aaron is, his aspirations and his experience so far.
Living in Hayle it seems obvious to reference the sea, but whilst this conjurs up images of bright blue skies and golden sand, Aaron will actually be designing around his main role as a Front End Developer at Anytime Booking, after hours, so I went for the darker night time theme instead. 


This is a project I started a while ago so that I could manage my talented Mum selling her artwork, and so she had an online presence to do so. She's been selling her cards in our local Post Office for years, but has also produced many commissioned paintings and had her hand-painted wooden furniture and toys for sale in Casa Fina in Truro, The Old Forge in Crantock and Bristol and Carousel in Falmouth in the past. 

Etsy BTW Icon.jpg

Little Penstraze were the first clients that Aaron asked me to produce a logo for. The brief was quite open, but they wanted cows in there somewhere. They're a lovely little Certified Location site, nearby to me based on a farm. I enjoyed drawing the cows! 

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